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Johnnie Trotter  Email

Originally posted 13.10.10 20:10

I found this site very interesting as I drove the Scammell Samson 8 wheel unit for Pickfords and then I drove Crusaders for Sykes Bulk Liquids who ran around 200 Crusaders on tanker work and they were a very under rated wagon as they were quite roomy ( at the time ) and really on top of the job as well

Nigel Marks  Email

Originally posted 28.09.10 07:18

Thanks to all that have signed the guestbook so far and apologies for being slow on any updates lately... A work in progress, among many others I'm afraid!!
Roland! I have followed the restoration of your Crusader with interest on the HMVF site, Roadhaus cab yes? How are those high speed diff's working out?
Wouls love to know when this may be coming to the UK? maybe we can organise a meet sometime?
Thanks again for all the input

Roland  Email

Originally posted 02.09.10 08:39

Nearly ready with my Crusader restoration - I still can not await the next trip with it. Thank you for your homepage - I will look at it every time.

Greetings from Bavaria/Germany

j  Email

Originally posted 26.07.10 11:02

this morninig i passed a scammell crusader towing a 30 ton tipper on the a50 near leicester. both trucks belong to meynell plant hire a division of jelson homes ltd loughborough road leicester. clearly signwritten and still working

Daniel  Email

Originally posted 14.07.10 18:03

I´m a former WEST (!)-german tank soldier (Commander on a Leopard II A4). At our great tournament in 1993 in Bergen-Belsen / Munster we work together with the Challanger-Crews.

In case of repairings the tanks meanwhile "battle" our german elephants tractors, the Leo I Rescuetanks AND the britsh Scammell Crusaders are working hand-in-hand together.

So I´m proud to say: "I´ve seen them alive in action"

Al Ginnelly  Email

originally posted 30.06.10 18:24

As an ex Royal Engineers Scammell operator the pics of crusaders brought back memories.
I used to drive the 35 ton units for low loaders and tank bridge transporters (Modified with an additional hydraulic pump to operate the tank bridge trailer) and also with the 37 ton king trailer.

Great site, Keep up the good work

rick petch  Email

Originally posted 02.06.10 18:18

4x2 , plated for 40 tonne,
wonder where she is now, reg, dfw 160 l ,rolls 280 turbo, she used to belong to H E SMITH & SON

he had six crusaders all but mine were blown up by the prats that drove them (trying to open up the pumps) , there was nothing on the road to touch them when they first came out, i drove her for four and a half years my boss then went onto mercs nice but no guts to them,
lovely site you have here sir keep up the good work.
now a broken down old banger myself.

Jan Rosecky  Email

Originally posted 01.03.10 12:48

Great website, man! We do the same things about trucks, just different producers. I'm into Liaz: http://www.liaznavzdy.cz/

Keep up the good work!


Matt  Email

originally posted 14.01.10 00:27

Excellent website Sir. Love the photos and the "Scammell News" section. You do seem to be suffering from some form of Scammell Purchasing Disorder mind!

Look forward to reading about your progress with the restoration of the fleet- especially the Constructor, lots of work to do but it'll be worth it.


Originally posted 07.01.10 22:17

just spotted your site, very impressed with the content,photographs are excellent. I have a EKA Crusader as well, it was 67GT15 when in army service. I will try to send you some pictures of it if possible

wayne harding  Email

Originally posted 17.12.09 22:13

Septemer the 1st 1976(i was 25)the 7th..Crusader went on the road for the Amey Roadstone group Batts Combe quarry at Cheddar Somerset.The 8th and last 1 went on the road about 4 months later.I had been relief driver for the other 6 for approx.6 months..Then i got my 1 given to me LYC 785P..We took quicklime to the steelworks at Llanwern Newport 3 loads a day..Great job good money now all gone..The Crusaders were Brilliant no speed restriction flat out allday every day just over 70m.p.h.32tons tippers

john harris Email


originally posted 13.12.09 18:34 

What a fantastic site for a fantastic lorry. I have been a fan for 30 years and a proud owner for3. My lorry is an ex mod wrecker that had the EKA gear removed. I have fitted a tfl body to get it looking somthing like. Come and say hello if you see a blue and red example at rallies in the north of the country.  

ben freer  Email

Originally posted 20.11.09 20:54

Very interesting site , my interest in crusaders comes from my father operating a ex BRS 4x2 tractor unit later converted to 6x2 and then a ex Pickfords 6x4 detroit diesel tractor unit . I served in the T.A with 118 Recovery coy R.E.M.E my eka was 66 GT 45 (WHERE IS IT NOW)
If you see a bright yellow EKA please come over and say hello .

John Helton  Email

originally posted 20.11.09 04:02

This is one of my favorite trucks! It has been a long distance love affair. We never got any in USA. I have driven for almost thrity years and had to give up
a Mack MH last year because my employer was parking the last of our COE
tractor units. Crusaders have charm and character all their own. They especially remind me of Diamond T 930 and 931's. Thanks for the site!!!!!!

doug malcolm  Email

originally posted 07.11.09 19:32

how about some engine and driveline photos nice site. thank you for keeping the breed alive. lots of luck!
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